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    Lexus RCF facebook group If the moderator allows Id like to invite each of you to the Lexus RC-F Owners page on Facebook. We have over 1300 worldwide owners of F performance machines and a well vetted list of retailers and manufacturers in the group. I will advertise this...
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    Swapping out RC F OEM Exhaust
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    Swapping out RC F OEM Exhaust

    Thank you for your service Marine. If you want subtle then a 2ndary cat and resonator delete is the best. But thats what you will get, maybe a 15 to 20 percent increase in growl. I did this and a week later installed a Borla catback. It is mid range at idle and neighborhood speeds but wakes up...
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    Swapping out RC F OEM Exhaust

    Went Borla for 1450$ plus an hour install. Looooove it