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  1. Jarhead69

    Question about Plug & Play ECU Power Chips

    Does anyone have experience using one of these chips that plug in. My 2015 RC F hasn't had any performance modifications. It's strong as hell as it is...I just had someone talk to me the other day about these chips and I've never ventured out to try them. If you've had a positive experience...
  2. Jarhead69

    My RCF

    Do you live in Florida... the background in the photo sort of looks like SoFlo? Just asking because I live in Miami & work in Ft. Lauderdale.
  3. Jarhead69

    My RCF

    Really NICE looking car! I love that color better than Black. Black looks GREAT when you first wash it, but really shows the dirt quickly. That Gray is my favorite car color. When I saw and test drove my 2015 last year, I fell in love with it. The first owner bought it with everything just...
  4. Jarhead69

    What is a good replacement tire for the Michelin Pilot Super Sport?

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! Really appreciate it. I'm due for new tires & Bembros :LOL:. I love the Michelin Pilot Super Sports... they have great traction. But,I have only owned the car just over 1 year and with just doing regular road driving they are worn out at right about 10k miles. Of...
  5. Jarhead69

    Is the RC F your first Lexus?

    My 2015 RC-F is my first performance Lexus. My first Lexus was a 1996 GS300. Pearl White with Gold Package. Beautiful car that was only a 6 cylinder, but drove like a dream. Had it on a 3 year lease.
  6. Jarhead69

    What does everyone do for a living?

    Retired from Florida Power & Light Co / NextEra Energy. Working past 4 years for Pike Engineering in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area. Bought my 2015 RC-F last June and really enjoying it. Heading for the N. GA / Tenn / NC mountains in October 2020, with about 25-30 from my car club...SSP - "Speed...
  7. Jarhead69

    What is a good replacement tire for the Michelin Pilot Super Sport?

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for a substitute tire for my 2015 RCF, that gives good overall all weather ride, traction, and wear? I like the Pilot Super Sports that came on my car, but man are they expensive and don't last long. I had a conversation on the road a couple days ago with...
  8. Jarhead69

    Periodic Maintenance Costs

    Within the past two weeks I purchased a 2015 RCF with 15k miles on it. Love it! But, just curious about dependability/reliability of using it as a daily driver. I researched the stock Michelin tires and most everyone in reviews loved them, the ride, and longevity for the type of tire they are...
  9. Jarhead69

    New RC-F owner Austin TX

    Very Nice!! Mine has the Carbon Fiber Roof & Spoiler too. Congrats!!
  10. Jarhead69

    Welcome newcomers, please introduce yourself!

    Greeting All... Just joined the forum... this is my first post. I just purchased a 2015 RC F (Black on Black) with CF Roof & Spoiler on 6/4/19. Only 15k miles. Man, it is like brand new. Had a busy work week, so still learning all the interior settings, etc. Love the car... nice daily driver and...