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  1. LonestarRC

    Rowen Lexus RC F

    That fairly aggressive looking, just not my style.
  2. LonestarRC

    New member

    Welcome to the forums.
  3. LonestarRC

    do not own RC-F ...yet.

    Welcome, the CT200h is a great looking car.
  4. LonestarRC

    Question about Lane Departure Alert

    I dont have it on mine either. Options I have include PP and Premium Pack along with DRCC.
  5. LonestarRC

    Toyota along with other manufacturers doesn't want you to mod your cars

    One of the inherent rights of owning a vehicle is the ability to get on one's backside - a wrench in one hand and a grease rag in the other, and just tinker to your little heart's desire. Since the vehicle was invented, it's been an important facet within the community of gearheads. General...
  6. LonestarRC

    Are Run Flats Tires Improving?

    According to a recent study by J.D. Power, customers with run‐flat tires are less satisfied overall and replace tires more frequently in the first two years of ownership than do customers that didn't buy run‐flat tires. Original Article...
  7. LonestarRC

    Lexus RC F at the 2015 DFW Auto Show

    Went to the DFW Auto Show this weekend to check out the new C-Class for the wife and snapped a few photos of the RC F. Lexus had a great display this year even though the GS F wasn't there, wished I had more time to snap some more photos.
  8. LonestarRC

    Saleen Answers the Hellcat's Call With a 730 Horsepower Ford Mustang

    Really amazing to see the horsepower race. For a long while, the Ford GT500 and its 662 horsepower V8 was the benchmark for high-octane American muscle. The closest factory competition was the 580 horsepower Camaro ZL1, and Dodge's Challenger SRT brought up the rear with over 100...
  9. LonestarRC

    Crazy Lexus ISF Twin Turbo Crash

    Talk about lack of downforce, wow.
  10. LonestarRC

    Lexus LFA vs Porsche 918 Spyder
  11. LonestarRC

    GReddy Lexus RC-F Supreme SP Exhaust System

    Greddy Part#10118203 Price: NA
  12. LonestarRC

    Tuning Companies for the RCF

    I'm going to start updating this thread with companies that provide performance tuning for the RCF. If you know any off the top please share and I can add it to the first post.[raceflag]
  13. LonestarRC

    New RC-F Owner

    Droool, I love the color combination. This forum is still new so its still not as active, but it'll get better once people start getting delivery.
  14. LonestarRC

    Thar she blows!

    Congratulations and great color choice.
  15. LonestarRC

    What does everyone do for a living?

    I work in sales at Rackspace.
  16. LonestarRC

    Lexus RC F on Top Gear Season 22 Episode 6

    lol I can vouch for that. You guys read he just got suspended from the show.
  17. LonestarRC

    Lexus RC F Review
  18. LonestarRC

    Lexus RC F weight comparison

    Different strokes for different folks. I know one could always buy another car if they are worried about weight, but that's besides the point. I like the look and styling of the RC F, I'm just surprised it weighs 400 pounds more than the M3. Even the E90 M3 with a V8 only weighs 3700lbs.
  19. LonestarRC

    RS-R Sports-I Coilovers for Lexus RC-F

    RS-R Sports-I Coilovers are now available for the RC-F Price: $2,199.00