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    Oil Change - What viscosity and type?

    I'm buying supplies to do my first oil change on my 2016 RC F and was curious which oil Lexus recommends in terms of viscosity and synthetic vs non-synthetic. Don't have my owner's manual on me at the moment. Anyone got that info handy? I was surprised that some quick googling yielded no results.
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    RC F Gripes

    Just got a used 2016 with 5k miles. Original battery died on me just as I took delivery of the car. Only other gripe so far is that the passenger window control on the driver master window switch is not working. Just ordered a used switch from eBay. Hopefully that remedies the issue...
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    Meet at Lime Rock Historic Festival - Gathering of the Marques - Sunday, September 6th 2020

    If you've never been to Lime Rock Park, you're missing out on a true gem of a race track. They do an amazing historic racing festival each Labor Day Weekend. Since racing is not permitted on Sunday do to local noise ordinances (damn locals!) they do a Concours d'Elegance type car show instead...
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    CT Newbie

    Hi all, Just got my 2016 RC F. She's USBM2.0 with performance package, navi, Levenson audio, black leather and only 5k miles. She came from Lexus of Milwaukee. I flew out to inspect her and had her shipped back to CT. I couldn't be happier. Looking forward to using this site as a resource...
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    Lexus RCF 19" BBS OEM Wheels FOR SALE $1500

    close ups of curb rash please
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    What is a good replacement tire for the Michelin Pilot Super Sport?

    Sounds like you're looking for an all-season tire unlike the high performance summer tires that come on our cars. Check out Dunlop Signature HP and Kuhmo Ecsta PA51. Much more reasonably priced and both excellent tires.