Curb Alert Needed to Protect Vehicle/Negative Dealer Attitude


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Fair Oaks
Noticed that due to the low height of the front carbon fiber edge of the air dam, I needed to put some sort of device to provide a warning to prevent scraping and damage due to my experience with my BMW 330i ZHP sedan, which the GS F is replacing.

Went online and found what appears to be a solution - Curb Alert Pro. Since it appears that I had to have the unit installed, I went to my Lexus dealer to see if the service department will installed it. I got a resounding "NO," as the device was not "Lexus approved" and further, installation will void the warranty on the vehicle! I then asked if the Lexus dealer had anything to protect the car from high curb and wheel stops as the initial response did not make any sense regarding the installation of Curb Alert to protect against unnecessary damage to the car.

I then asked what I can do to protect my interest in protecting the front spoiler, especially when Lexus will charge me for any damage done when the vehicle was returned upon the expiration of the lease. The Tech person then went to the service manager to see if there can be a solution to the situation. I watched as the service manager curtly telling the Tech person that if I installed the Curb Alert and anything happens to the vehicle as a result of the installation, the entire car warranty will be void! I argued that the dealership allows the installation of LowJack by an outside supplier and why shouldn't I sent the vehicle to a "reputable" outside source that it uses to install aftermarket (and very profitable) accessories. I was informed that the Lexus dealer was not aware of such a product (Curb Check) and further would not name a shop that it uses to install non-Lexus branded products.

Since the Lexus dealer refused and stonewalled me, in my humble opinion, to provide any real assistance and solutions to solve the problem, I have decided to order the product and have it installed by a reputable aftermarket shop that I personally know that is used by the dealership. After all, I am only trying to protect and prevent any damage to the "carbon fiber" front end and the value to the car. I am not terribly impressed about my relationship with the Lexus dealer.

Any owners experience similar issues?