do not own RC-F ...yet.

Lexus may have achieved something with their attempt to lure younger consumers into the Lexus family with their Ct200h, as that is what I currently drive and which i consider to be my 1st car that i can call my own.

i approached the ct200h with a noob mindset that the ct looked like a cool enough hatchback that has a comfortable interior, but a rebadged prius nonetheless. But after about 1 year of ownership, i find myself looking at Lexus for my next car. it must be performance-driven, while also capable of switching to a comfortable daily driver. the RC-F seems to fit that description to a T. plus, the rc-f is naturally aspirated, making it sound better than the apparently underwhelming exhaust notes of the M4. i was also a bit disappointed with the performance figures of the M2; my main competition will likely be a used Cayman S/Gts. mid-engine or 2+2? Hmm...

given my anticipated budget over the next year, i am/will be keeping my eye on the Used market for lightly used RC-F vehicles; it would be a huge plus if the car just happened to retain some basic modifications from the previous owner.

if the vehicle had no modifications beforehand, the first few things i would most likely do:
- darken the taillights (debating between smoking out just the red portion, or the entire taillight module; i will probably go with the entire piece)
- CF hood (to go along with the roof and spoiler)
- CF front lip spoiler
- new wheels (Vossen has been killing it recently; will get them red or matte white if i choose to go with a black rc-f) + sticky super sports
- (maybe CF diffuser-contingent on how the exhaust tailpipes turn out)

- new catalytic converter-back exhaust system (but retaining the iconic stacked look of the tailpipes)
- lowering springs (or if i have the budget, a reliable and affordable air suspension kit)
- to be continued...
Welcome, the CT200h is a great looking car.