Lexus launches the GSF


With a 5-liter V8 engine and eight-speed sports transmission, yet four doors and plenty of luggage space, the latest hot Lexus to carry the ?F' badge merges power with practicality.

Based on the already comfortable and technologically advanced GS sedan, the new ?F' variant brings a heavy dose of drama to an otherwise unassuming executive family runaround.

The V8 offers 467hp but while Lexus hasn't offered any performance figures, expect its 0-100km/h time to be smooth because the engine runs freely and without turbos or superchargers and for predictable handling as a result.

Helping in this regard is a very clever torque vectoring differential that will keep the car under control and cancel out any propensity for under- or over steer from all of that power going solely to the rear wheels.

"As Lexus's 'F' brand vehicles continue to evolve and grow in number, it is important that these models offer differentiated and unique driving characteristics in their segments. The GS F is a very capable performance sedan that offers excitement behind the wheel in all facets of performance driving. It's something that's fun to drive no matter who is driving or where it's being driven," said Yukihiko Yaguchi, Emeritus Chief Engineer of the GS F.