Teen Crashes Dad's Lexus RC F At Mulholland Highway


Known as one of the best driving roads in the States, mastering Mulholland Highway in California can be quite difficult.

As a result, it consistently gets the better of drivers and bikers alike, with a seemingly never-ending number of crashes occurring along the famed stretches of tarmac. Now, Mulholland has claimed another victim.

On Wednesday, a silver 2016 Lexus RC F crashed heavily into a cliff on the side of Mullholland Highway. The impact flipped the Japanese sports car onto its side, causing significant damage to the M4 rival.

Adding salt to the wounds of the teenage driver is that the RC F isn't his, but rather his father's and was only delivered a week ago.

As if things couldn't get any worse for the driver, the RC F was damaged further after onlookers pushed it back onto its wheels. As the driver didn't engage the handbrake upon exiting, it then rolled down the road into a crash barrier, despite the frantic attempts of locals to hold it back.