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    Nubbe 2015 RC F OWNER

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    New member

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    No more price haggling at some Lexus dealerships

    This is going to be a huge mis-step for Lexus.
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    Track Time by Rookie

    They don't, but I wish they would do something similar to Ford with the Octane Academy.
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    Rc-f badges

    I've seen them for the GS and IS but nothing for the RCF.
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    Sport v. Sport +

    I mainly cruise around in Sport mode haven't really used Sport + other than to really scare my passengers lol. If you have just one Go Pro, I found mounting it to the left of the rear view mirror works the best for me.
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    Welcome newcomers, please introduce yourself!

    Congrats and welcome, post some pics.
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    New owner, need help!

    I was told the self restoring clear coat is supposed to be on all the RC F. Go to and upload a photo and link to it from here.
  9. C 2015 Lexus RC F Review

    Great vid.
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    Question about Lane Departure Alert

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum. I have no LDA button on mine either. I know there is supposed to be a button on the right side of the steering wheel. If it makes any difference I have the performance package too.
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    RC F Gripes

    What kind of garage opener do you have? I had a Craftsman before that would only allow so many programming before the codes have to be reset.
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    Lexus RC F at the 2015 DFW Auto Show

    Very nice photos.